Some Of Our Recent Work

We have an enviable customer base which is reflected in our injection mould tools portfolio. Point Of Sale display manufacturers, automotive clients, technology and robotics are just some of the business sectors we work with.  All projects are treated with the utmost confidentiality, whether its a one off tool requirement or a multiple tool project. Our links with component designers and tool designers enable us to become involved in projects at an early stage. This saves our customers expensive re-design and modification costs. If there is a requirement for sampling or production runs of moulded parts, we can also help here using alliances we’ve built with injection moulders over the years.

Quality as Standard

Following a programme of continuous investment we are now in a position to offer machining capacity for large injection mould tools (2100mm x 820mm). Our ability to handle large tooling orders ‘in-house’, where several tools may be required for one project, gives our customers a one stop solution when placing tooling orders and ensures quality, accuracy and design consistency across each tool as shown shown below.

Injection Mould Tools for Countax Garden Tractors

Steering Wheel Centre Cap

Countax Tractors are part of the Ariens group of companies. The steering wheel centre cap showing the Ariens company logo was produced to fit the Lawnmower steering wheel.

Front Grille and Headlight Housing

This was produced for the the same client to fit the Lawnmower steering wheel. We also made the mould for the steering wheel.

Additional Mould Tools

Other injection mould tools made for the same client included the parking break and deck height adjustment lever housings, as well as the steering wheel. Click on the images to go to the Countax website and find out more about Countax Garden Tractors.

Air Deflectors for Jaguar X152 F-Type Coupe

The tool shown here was designed and produced for our client for a limited edition of the Jaguar X152 F-Type Coupe. The tool which we produced was used to manufacture the air deflectors which worked in conjunction with the ceramic brakes.

Injection Mould Tools for Dremel

Dremel is internationally renowned primarily for their range of handheld rotary tools. We have just finished an injection mould tool to make the case for one of their tools as you can see from the images here. You can see their full range of tools by clocking on their logo below.


Supercharger Injection Mould Tool

When we were contacted by Displaymode to quote for a tool to produce a custom built display stand for Superchargers, we must admit, we didn’t know too much about the brand at that time. We’re now fully ‘up to speed’ so to speak and some of our team are now avid Supercharger fans! When finished, the two halves of the tool in total weighed in at almost 2,000kg. You can read more on this project on the Displaymode website by clocking on the logo below.

Diaplaymode Logo

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